Essays and articles

In general, for older pieces that don't have relevant accompanying images, I've made local copies. Otherwise they're external links. Let me know if anything's broken.

As the volume of content here grows, I'll have a stab at organising it thematically.

George Orwell
'Politics and the English Language', 1946
'Notes on Nationalism', 1945
'You and the Atom Bomb', 1945

Jonathan Swift
'A Modest Proposal', 1729

Dahr Jamail
Excerpts from Beyond the Green Zone, 2007
'I had no choice', 2007

Jason Mark
'All the (good) news that's fit to print', 2007

Peter Gwynne (Newsweek Science)
'The cooling world', 1975

Todd Oppenheimer
'The computer delusion', 1997
Excerpt from The Flickering Mind, 2003
'The Internet school scam', 2004

Chaohua Wang
'Diary', 2007

Noam Chomsky
'Imminent Crises: Threats and Opportunities', 2007

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