I'll try and organise these in some kind of way. This is, of course, TBC.


I don't like MySpace for lots of reasons. Firstly they have some kind of algorithim that seems to compress the hell out of tracks (and I thought that's what mastering engineers were paid to do). Secondly, most sites on it look truly shocking. Mark my words, future generations will look back on MySpace / Bebo as being the second disastrous occasion that powerful design tools were placed in the hands of the many with disastrous consequences. Thirdly, it's still cool to dislike News Corp., right?

Anyway, you can't avoid it as a conduit for new music, so here's some stuff I've come across that I enjoyed listening to, if not necessarily looking at.

Fight Like Apes
Lots of fun - shouty electro-pop.

Hooray for Humans
Even though they are from Cork, they're allll right.

The Ting Tings
Surely everyone has heard 'That's Not My Name' by now?

No, I have no plans to have a MySpace site, now or anytime soon. That's even if I had any music to put on it right now. I also don't want to have to deal with the short-lived pangs of guilt I might experience when refusing friend requests from the Find Madeleine campaign.

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