C'mon Ireland!

The Golden Horde - '100 boys'

Something Happens - 'Hello hello hello hello hello'

Power of Dreams - … Telethon
Pause at 0:20 for a Ned's Atomic Dustbin tour t-shirt!

Power of Dreams - 'Cathy's World'
Any ideas as to what TV show / event this was from? All the crappy RTE sets from all the crappy RTE shows have blended into one horrible mess in my mind. According to the YouTube comments I missed the reunion shows. Boo.

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Whipping Boy - 'We don't need nobody else'
These guys supported Lou Reed, at his request, yet few people seem to remember them.


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Engine Alley - 'Song for someone'

Rollerskate Skinny - 'Speed to my side' [clip]
As someone points out in the comments, it is kinda sad that there's a total of 29 seconds of Rollerskate Skinny on YouTube. More audio samples here.

Toasted Heretic - 'Galway and Los Angeles'


More: Website (Julian Gough) :: Wikipedia

Jubilee Allstars - 'Let evening bring them home'

A-House - 'Endless Art'

Ash - 'Uncle Pat'
(back when Tim Wheeler could only afford a practice amp)

The Plague Monkeys - 'Star Country'

The Prayer Boat - 'Polichinelle'

The Jimmy Cake - 'This used to be the future'

The Tycho Brahe - 'Steel wheels'

The Redneck Manifesto - 'We still got it'

'Noone plans eleven', live @ Vicar St.

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